2016-12-1 Mojoplug - Things with with a bit of Hoodoo

New star in Qumos family has born. The joyrney has just started, but the purpose is to provide free and commercial Wordpress code (plugins and themes) for different purposes.

See the Hoodoo in action: MojoPlug

2016-9-5 Proomu IT service and web hotel released
Tap Derby

Qumos is tightly involved in Finnish IT service Proomu development.

Proomu offers webhotel and website development services, especially targeted to small and medium size business.

The idea is to group experienced freelancers with different skills together.

Find out more in Proomu site: Proomu

2016-6-16 Jambattle public beta released
Tap Derby

Music fun from Qumos! Jambattle is a fun and exciting way to create and learn music, targeted to both beginners and experienced musicians.

Go and check out: Jambattle

2015-11-5 Get crazy with Tap Derby multiplayer game
Tap Derby

Qumos proudbly presents a new member in the family, Tap Derby. It is an online/multiplayer game running on top of browsers.

The game is based on HTML5 technology, heavily leaning on Phaser gaming framework. The backend is composed from both Node.js server and Linode/Lumen framework, which is based on PHP.

Client and server communicate via http. All the time critical events are handled with WebSocket.

Tap Derby is published as public beta. Check it out now: Tap Derby

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